Shipping a 1975 John Deere 2130 With Josh

1975 John Deere 2130 Tractor loaded for transport
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A V.I.P. client recently hired us to transport his 1975 John Deere 2130 from Wickenburg, AZ to Buffalo, MT, a total of 1200 miles. At Tractor Transport we have created a great reputation when it comes to the understanding and handling of tractors. Our services stretch all over  the United States,  Mexico and Canada. The responsibility was to be held under the lead of Josh Shaw, a credible tractors specialist. The two-day process was to be executed via Interstate 15 with the machine securely tightened to a flatbed trailer. However, the first step was to process the order and acquire full insurance  before then giving our professional driver the green light to pick up the 1975 John Deere 2130 tractor.

Shipping a 1975 John Deere 2130 Tractor on Time

Our client was updated once the shipment of the 1975 John Deere 2130   commenced. Josh Shaw had updates over the shipping process as our driver kept in touch with him all through. For instance, during the shipment there was unpredicted traffic. Our driver in unison with Josh had to quickly figure out a reliable substitute route that would easily help to beat the deadline. Josh Shaw clarified that the operation was smooth by mostly coordinating stops to ensure that the tractor was still securely held on to the trailer. Once delivery was made, our client was very pleased as our driver had made it on time.

1975 John Deere 2130 Tractor loaded for transport

Unmatched 1975 John Deere 2130 Tractor Shipping Services with Tractor Transport.

At Tractor Transport, our operatives are hands-on with the different types of heavy machinery and equipment. Over the years we’ve been indulged in the transportation of heavy machinery and have accumulated reliable experience that is the backbone in satisfying our clients. We have similarly acquired improved technological machines that make it very easy to handle all farm machinery and equipment. Our quotes are very affordable and most of all we have our clients equipment or heavy machinery on a full insurance cover before transporting it. Tractor Transport offers personalized farm machinery shipping services. 

Josh Shaw

Tractor Transport Specialist

Josh Shaw

Josh is a quality logistics agent with NTS. He always provides top quality service to his clients. With years of logistics and transport experience, he provides the best shipping solutions in the business. Josh is here day or night to get your freight moved.