Shipping a 1972 John Deere 3020

john deere tractor prepared for transport
October 16, 2020 Natasha Post 0 Comments

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We handle the transportation of an extensive array of tractors under one roof. Our services are offered to clients so they won’t have to stress when looking for a reliable tractor shipping services provider. Our services were recently utilized by a client looking to transport his 1972 John Deere 3020 tractor from Aubrey, AR 72311, to Granbury, TX 76048. The client had his staff on standby and was waiting for the delivery of the 1972 John Deere 3020 to commence with his work. Matt took on the task and began processing the shipment immediately.

Tractor Transport Offers Reliable 1972 John Deere 3020 Tractor Transportation Services

Our countrywide tractor shipping services are offered to clients indiscriminately. Whether it’s a long haul or short-haul operation, we only hire skilled specialists to handle our operations. Matt, one of our skilled specialists, was committed to transporting 1972 John Deere 3020 before the expiry of the deadline. According to his previous shipping records, Matt has delivered multiple tractors across the country. Transporting the 1972 John Deere 3020 was bound to be easy. With the help of his team of specialists, he loaded the tractor on the step decked trailer.

john deere tractor prepared for transport

At Tractor Transport, we take every detail of the operation into account. From the weather condition to the traffic pattern, we ensure the operation is successful from inception, implementation, and finalization. When the pilot vehicle reported of harsh weather conditions ahead, Matt advised the driver to wait out the rain before commencing. Once the rain had subsided, the driver covered the 1972 John Deere 3020 with a tarp and resumed the journey.

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Our shipments across the country have this far been successful. We offer an extensive list of services so clients won’t have a hard time finding the right tractor shipping service provider. With specialists such as Matt on the job, we guarantee speedy and secure deliveries. Once the 1972 John Deere 3020 tractor was offloaded, the client inspected the delivery and commended the team for the timely and safe delivery. Our tractor transportation services are one call away.

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