How to Load A Swather

Swather mowing a field
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How to Load a Swather for Easy Road Transportation

Tractor Transport understands the need for ensuring that loading and shipping of your swather are done professionally, safely, and quickly. We understand each swather is unique in its own way and provide the most appropriate loading solution for specific jobs. For example, Tractor Transport has dedicated, seasoned logisticians and expert truckers who handle equipment during loading and offloading. For motorized swathers, loading is done using ramps. With the help of a spotter, the trucker drives the swather to the flatbed trailer. They then follow a well-established securing protocol to firmly tie down the farm implements for safe hauling. Due to their versatile and easy loading from any side, flatbed trailers are commonly used to transport swathers. If you want to transport a swather that is comparatively bigger than a previous job, then we have a different flatbed with trailer outriggers that can comfortably fit and haul extra-large farm implements.

How Tractor Transport Hauls Your Swather

Tractor Transport hauls your swather in a way that ensures maximum safety of your machinery from any physical damage. We first analyze the equipment to be transported and evaluate the method that shall serve best for the particular case. The transportation of wider loads may require specialized equipment. For example, in the case of the comparatively wider self-propelled swathers, an alternative of considering detaching the cab from the swather is recommended. The two parts may then be analyzed for an option of combining them in one vessel or shipping each in separate means. Hauling of the swather may then be done by utilizing RGN platforms. Some RGN are designed with special features that give us an extra playroom for loading the swather.

Swather mowing a field

How To Ship Swather With Tractor Transport

At Tractor Transport, our top priority is hauling and delivering your swather smoothly, safely, and within the agreed time frame. For this reason, working with is both stress and hustle-free. All you need to do is give us a call, tell us about your shipping needs. We will listen to you, answer all your equerries, send a free no-obligation quotation, and make arrangements for the best route and hauling vessel to use for your swathers. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about acquiring permits as we will happily do that for you. After assigning the task to the best team, we will keep you up to date every step of the way until the swathers are safely delivered to your desired location.