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Arizona farm equipment transport begins with a call to Tractor Transport. We ship heavy farm machinery all across the great state of Arizona. We provide permits, escort vehicles, and more to get your equipment delivered safely. Arizona farmers know they can rely on Tractor Transport for safe and efficient farm equipment hauling. When you ship with Tractor Transport, you have the confidence to know we are the best Arizona farm equipment shipping company. Call now for a farm equipment shipping estimate! (877) 373-0109



When you choose Tractor Transport, you’re opting for quality. We are professional transporters who are in this for the long run. Our nationwide agricultural-equipment hauling company is:

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Tractor Transport specializes in hauling heavy farm equipment such as combines, harvesters and swathers. We ship farm tractors every day! Tractor Transport specializes in the heavy stuff! However - we can accomodate all types of equipment no matter the weight. Below you'll find some common pieces of equipment we've transported for the past 10+ years!

We have trailers in all cities, including Phoenix, AZ; Tucson, AZ; Mesa, AZ; Chandler, AZ; Glendale, AZ; Scottsdale, AZ; Gilbert, AZ; Tempe, AZ; Peoria, AZ; Yuma, AZ; Avondale, AZ; Goodyear, AZ; Flagstaff, AZ; Buckeye, AZ; Casa Grande, AZ; Lake Havasu City, AZ; Catalina Foothills, AZ; Maricopa, AZ; Marana, AZ; Oro Valley, AZ; Prescott Valley, AZ; Sierra Vista, AZ; Queen Creek, AZ; Prescott, AZ; Apache Junction, AZ; Surprise, AZ; San Tan Valley, AZ; Flagstaff, AZ; Casas Adobes, AZ; Catalina Foothills, AZ; Bullhead City, AZ; Sun City, AZ; El Mirage, AZ, San Luis, AZ; Sahuarita, AZ; Kingman, AZ; Drexel Heights, AZ; Fortuna Foothills, AZ; Sun City West, AZ; Florence, AZ; Fountain Hills, AZ; Anthem, AZ; Rio Rico, AZ; Green Valley, AZ; Nogales, AZ; New River, AZ; Flowing Wells, AZ; Douglas, AZ; Payson, AZ; Fort Mohave, AZ; Eloy, AZ; Tanque Verde, AZ, and More! Just call us for a free estimate to transport any equipment and machinery in Arizona.

2007 Case 3185 sprayer shipping

Transporting a 2007 Case 3185 Sprayer

  • Origin: Marked Tree, AR
  • Destination: Tucson, AZ
  • Equipment: 2007 CASE 3185 Sprayer | 25L 11.5W 11.5H
  • Specialist: Jackson Weeks
  • 954-300-3272
  • Shipping a Tractor!

    Tractor Transport frequently handles multiple loads at the same time. This shipment consisted of 4 John Deere 2640 tractors all on the same trailer! These John Deere tractors were loaded in Pennsylvania and delivered in Arizona. Mike Phillips at Tractor Transport was able to get these picked up the same day the client called in! Let Tractor Transport handle your next freight or implement shipment by calling Mike Phillips today! tractor call Mike. today!

    Transport Specialist: Mike


Arizona Farm Equipment Transport Near Me

For Arizona farm equipment shipping near me, Tractor Transport is your go-to company. We have over a decade of experience transporting farm machinery to and from Arizona, as well as throughout the state. Because of Arizona’s dry, arid desert climate they are the perfect place for cotton, lettuce, and hay. Tractor Transport has over a decade of experience shipping farm equipment, so for a confident Arizona transport near me, call us today! (877) 373-0109

Tractor Transport Offers an Extensive Range of Trailer Choices To Haul Your Air Seeders:


Our most versatile and commonly used trailer by far is the standard flatbed trailer, made evident by the sheer number of them on the road every day. A great aspect of flatbed trailer shipping is the stability of the bed and the fact that these common carriers come in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions. A flatbed trailer, as the name suggests, is marked by a flat trailer surface that's able to be loaded with stability by balancing and securing cargo on the outside edges of the trailer.

Flatbed Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 48,000 pounds
Max Length 53 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 8.5 ft.


RGN Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 42,000+ pounds
Main Deck Length 29 ft.
Well Width 8.5 ft.
Legal Height Limit 11.6 ft.

The Removable Gooseneck (RGN) trailer has a detachable front end that turns the trailer into a ramp. Past the detachable section of the trailer, RGNs are equipped with a double drop formation that lends the payload an extra amount of height, usually around 12 extra inches. The variable nature of the RGN trailer allows it to accommodate cargo that is more difficult for less flexible trailers. Referred to as a "detach", the RGN is ideal for transporting less than standard cargo, equipment that is longer, taller, or otherwise a non-normal size.


Similar to the standard Removable Gooseneck Trailer, the extended RGN has an added section for additional length and capacity for particularly tricky transport jobs. When cargo is too long for the standard Removable Gooseneck (RGN), we sometimes employ the extended RGN. Like the standard RGN, the back portion of the stretch RGN is removable, creating a convenient ramp. The extended RGN has a versatile extension feature that allows it to meet an increased number of length requirements for cargo.

Extended RGN Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 150,000+ pounds
Main Deck Length 29 ft. - 65 ft.
Well Width 8.5 ft.
Legal Height Limit 11.6 ft.


Drop Deck Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 48,000 pounds
Max Length 53 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 11 ft.

A drop deck, or "step deck" trailer resembles a standard flatbed model with a single drop in order to give the trailer the capacity for more cargo height. This is especially advantageous when the payload exceeds the standard height requirements for a regular flatbed. This is especially advantageous when the payload exceeds the standard height requirements for a regular flatbed. For especially large or oddly sized pieces of equipment, the drop deck trailers present a uniquely ideal solution; tractors, farming combines and large construction and industrial equipment.


When a job necessitates a trailer that can carry an irregularly long piece of equipment or cargo, we employ the extended drop deck trailer. Like a flatbed with either a single or a double attached gooseneck, the extended drop deck gives the user capacity for additional height and length to meet the needs of a specific cargo load. Typically, the extended RGN is more flexible than the standard RGN, so it's only used when absolutely necessary.

Extended Drop Deck Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 45,000 pounds
Max Length 63 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 10 ft.


Lowboy Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 40,000 pounds
Max Length 24 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 14 ft.

A lowboy is one of the lowest trailers to the ground, as its name suggests. Many heavy hauling tasks are carried out with the help of the lowboy trailer because of its use for extremely large, heavy, and oversized or over-dimension equipment. Typically when you see a sign that says "Oversize Load" on the interstate, the cargo being hauled is done so with a lowboy trailer. Many shippers use lowboy models as their top choice for these jobs due to their capacity to carry extremely heavy weights of cargo, and their stability as the lowest, off-the-ground option.

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Need Help Finding and Auctions and Equipment Rentals in Arizona? Give these a try!

Tractor Transport hauls farm machinery to and from auction houses and rental centers on a daily basis. when you purchase any equipment or machinery from an auction house, or need anything from rental center, keep us in mind!


  • Ritchie Brothers
    (602) 269-5631

  • Sierra Auctions
    (602) 242-7121

  • WSM Auctioneers
    (623) 936-3300


  • Aero Equipment Rental
    (602) 256-6250

  • Bingham Equipment
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  • Earhart Equipment
    (520) 889-6396

  • Tractor Sunshades
    (800) 726-8677

Need Help Finding a Dealer? Try our list of Farm Equipment Dealers in Arizona!

Tractor Transport ships equipment between farms and dealers throughout the nation. Whether you’re shipping new or used equipment, Tractor Transport delivers your equipment on time and in the same shape in which it departed. Dealers that we work with in Arizona include:

  • Arizona Tractor Sales
    (602) 377-2850

  • Eastern Arizona Ag Center
    (928) 428-1585

  • Bingham Equipment
    (480) 969-5516

  • Flagstaff Equipment
    (928) 774-1969

  • Stotz Equipment
    (623) 936-7131

  • Booth Machinery
    (928) 726-6500

  • M&S Equipment
    (520) 723-4181

  • Titan Machinery
    (602) 269-3221

  • Earhart Equipment
    (520) 889-6396

  • RDO Agriculture Equipment
    (602) 415-4700

Manufacturers of Equipment Tractor Transport Has Transported

Tractor Transport hauls farm equipment from all the major manufacturers. Most of our drivers can operate the equipment they transport. Manufacturers we have shipped include:


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