Shipping a 2018 Toyota 8FGU25 Forklift

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Corey Austin, one of our top specialists helped a client transport a 2018 Toyota 8FGU25 forklift from Wendell, NC to Fruitland Park, FL. With years of experience Corey Austin knew how to go about the process. He worked on the paperwork required and fully insured the 2018 Toyota 8FGU25 forklift. With that done, he looked at the specifications of the 2018 Toyota 8FGU25 forklift and decided that a flatbed trailer would be suitable to transport the 7800 pounds 11.3L 4.11W 7.5H heavy equipment. Our specialists are professionals when it comes to choosing the most suitable trailer to transport our client’s heavy equipment. They evaluate their specifications first before deciding where they fit best.

Easy and Reliable 2018 Toyota 8FGU25 Forklift Transportation

Corey Austin proceeded to contact our driver in Wendell, NC and sent him to pick up the 2018 Toyota 8FGU25 forklift. He successfully loaded it on the trailer and tied it using some strong chains. Our drivers are professionals with years of experience. They know how to handle heavy equipment when loading and unloading them. When he called Corey, he was dispatched and advised  to use route I-95 S. It had minimal traffic. We always tell our drivers the best routes to use after considering factors such as traffic and weather conditions. Our driver stopped a couple of times to tighten the chains holding the heavy equipment. 

Quality Forklift Transport with Tractor Transport

After 9 and a half hours, our driver was at the delivery location where he successfully unloaded the 2018 Toyota 8FGU25 forklift. The client was happy because we had delivered the heavy equipment on time and successfully. At Tractor Transport, we offer affordable heavy equipment shipping services. Our shipping cost is all inclusive without any hidden charges. At Tractor Transport, we ensure that every heavy equipment we transport is fully insured. We ship heavy equipment to your destination of choice in the country and internationally. 

Tractor Transport Specialist

Corey Austin

Corey is a top-notch logistics agent on the NTS team. He is an expert in shipping heavy equipment locally and overseas. Clients trust Corey, because handles every step of the transport process for standard and oversize loads with quality care.