Shipping a John Deere 9560R

December 1, 2020 Natasha Post 0 Comments

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Tractor Transport is a reliable heavy machinery and equipment services provider. We specialize in the transportation of tractors across North America. Our most recent achievement comes from the transportation of John Deere 9560R tractors. The tractor was shipped from Fort Pierce, FL 34945 to Albion, IL 62806. The operation was assigned to Mike, one of our trusted heavy equipment shipping specialists. The operation began the next day since the client requested to have the tractor shipped within three days.

Transporting John Deere 9560R Tractors With Mike

The transportation of heavy machinery can be risky; that’s why we insure our tractor transport operations before shipping. We ensure all our clients are up to the required safety standards before they handle the shipment. Transporting the John Deere 9560R tractor was no different. Mike selected a team of specialists to help load, transport, and offload the tractor. The team was selected after careful evaluation. Each member of the team was assigned different duties. The specialists were asked to report to Mike after every thirty minutes. When the John Deere 9560R was ready for shipping, Mike gave the green light, and the lowboy trailer was dispatched.

At Tractor Transport, we understand that not all tractor transport services providers offer diversified tractor transport services. That’s why we strive to make our services accessible countrywide. We have affiliates located across the country to make our operations smoother. When the John Deere 9560R was close to the drop off location, Mike informed our affiliates in the region to make preparations for the drop-off. The affiliates ensured the drop off location had ample space for the offloading.

Delivering the John Deere 9560R Tractor on Time

Once the John Deere 9560R tractor had been offloaded, the client inspected the condition of the vehicle. He later commended Mike and his team for fast and secure delivery. He opted to utilize our services when shipping tractors to his farm. The transportation of tractors has never been easier, thanks to our team of skilled specialists. With professionals such as Mike on the job, we guarantee timely and secure services.

Tractor Transport Specialist

Mike Phillips

Mike is senior logistics agent who knows how to get the job done.  His dedication to the clients ensures a top quality shipping experiences.  Every day,  Mike transports equipment from cars to oversize loads.  A creative problem solver,  Mike always brings his best attitude and utmost professionalism to the office.  He’s always available for his clients.